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Making your sales team more engaged and effective.

Visual CRM drives effectiveness and adoption

Making your Sales Process Visual

  • Hosted on a cloud location.

Sales software to make your team more engaged and effective.

Pipeliner CRM is a sales persons dream CRM, with the ability to access anywhere and any time. As a hybrid Cloud application, you can access the system even when you aren’t connected to the cloud. When are you connected again, it automatically synchronises everything in seconds giving you the maximum flexibility to work how and where you like.

Pipeliner CRM -  Update 

Pipeliner CRM have recently released a new version of their software with a number of tweaks, changing and additions that make it even better than before. These updates include:

  • A New Performance Insights - with the ability to track and compare performance insights with multiple key performance indicators.
  • Bubble Chart View - A completely new and unique visual interface for viewing Sales Opportunities. Works with the  existing Pipeline to highlight Time, Stage and Size in a 3 dimensional format.
  • Automatic Task Scheduling - you now have the ability to auto-schedule tasks for sales leads and the opportunities.
  • Insights and Navigator. New functionality for Sales Management you must see!

Pipeliner CRM  - Key Features

Pipeliner offers the following core functions in a rich user interface, easily customisable to meet suit your sales process.

  • Visual Sales Opportunity Processes to match your Social selling
  • Opportunity Steps and Actions
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Email integration - MS Outlook, Office365, GMail
  • Insightful Dashboards
  • Quick and Easy Instant Reports for Managers and for Sales people
  • Automatizer -Workflow add-on

We have a unique approach to the dynamic relationship between sales management and salespeople. That’s because we are salespeople ourselves!

Pipeliner CRM Software Pricing 

Starting from just £6 per month for "Personal Plus" User or Free*

£20 per month and for the "Starter" Edition*

 £50 per user per month for "Business" Edition*

£65 pr user per month for "Enterprise" Edition*

For a comparison of features, then download the pdf from our Addtional Resources above

*Annual subscription.

Pipeliner CRM comes with extensive range of in-application contextual help and video tutorials but CRM Cloud has developed three tailored customisation and training packages to fast track you to CRM success.

If you are interested learning more about if Pipeliner CRM is the right CRM solution for your business, then why not come along to one of our "CRM Clinics" online webinar.

Why Pipeliner CRM Works

The real magic happens because Pipeliner CRM is a Sales Management Software that becomes more useful over time. Each time you open your system, you can easily see what to focus on. The visual, graphical pipeline and target goals are always there—understandable and actionable. Within days, as your workflow improves, you feel the pull of this “sales efficiency portal” and see the positive results. Simply put, Pipeliner CRM helps you and your team do the right things, at the right time.

Pipeliner CRM is built for sales experts, not accountants. We find that Salespeople are very quick to adopt Pipeliner CRM because it is built to foster the entrepreneurial spirit that drives them. They can act on real and accurate information—not siren calls.

Most clients are fully operational with this sales opportunity software, pulling in meaningful data and insightful reports within days by using our bespoke templated approach.


Pipeliner CRM integrates with many applications and the list continues to grow, but as a start here are some examples of how you can expand your system:-

  • Email Marketing with MailChimp
  • Marketing Automation
  • Helpdesk

Security of Your Data

With Hosted applications , we are asked about Security in the UK.  Well, with Pipeliner CRM your data is secure and hosted in EU.  We use Amazon Web Services (AWS).