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About CRM Cloud

We are one of the UK's leading independent CRM software consultancies specialising in solutions for small & medium sized businesses providing 'best fit' systems to improve Sales, Marketing & Customer Service.

Our Credentials

CRMC have been established CRM consultants since 1998, that’s 21 years of  experience and in-depth knowledge. In these first 18 years we have:-

• Helped over 850 organisations install and make the most of their system

• Delivered Over 3500 Training and Consultancy days

• Supported over 7000 different Users

• Worked with over 17 different CRM systems (with over 50 versions). 

  • Data migration projects have included Dynamics 365, Salesforce, PipelinerCRM, SAGECRM, GoldMine, ACT!, Maximizer as well as a host of lesser  known applications over the years.

• Delivered  solutions for start-ups from under £5,000 through to larger projects worth up to £150,000 with in excess of 100 Users.

We believe that we are well qualified to talk to you about CRM and give you good, solid and independent advice and support.

We have helped over 800 organisations to:

• Increase sales and marketing productivity

• Better manage their lead generation and management

• Improve customer service and response times

• Create better customer loyalty and customer retention

• Create more unified sales, marketing and customer service teams

• Produce better targeted and segmented marketing campaigns

• Deliver more accurate and up to date Management Insights

• Provide robust Reporting and KPI metrics to measure performance and help decision making

• Integrate applications such as Email, Social Media, Marketing Automation to enhance Marketing effectiveness

How are we different?

Originally known as Marketing Answers and Solutions  or MAS, in December 2016 we re-branded to highlight our new focus on Cloud applications as the future direction of CRM.

However , we have maintained our approach and continue to aim to build long-term, sustainable relationships with our clients to help them to maximise their sales and marketing technology effectiveness.

For this, we are able to offer a range of strong, robust, dynamic solutions with complementary software to give you a sales and marketing technology eco-system that can meet your business requirements. We are interested in adding value, not in chasing volume!

We guarantee to provide our clients with the best possible selection advice and to deliver the best implementation and support we can both now and into the future.

Our long term goal is simply to remain your long term Sales and Marketing Technology Partner for many years...

Call 0844 745 4588