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Independent CRM Consultancy & Support

As an independent CRM Consultancy with 18 years experience, we aim to find the best solution to fit your business needs and budget.  All backed up with CRM Training and on-going Helpdesk and Support.

Our Approach

Our CRM Consultants understand that good customer relationships are key to successful business, and so we do everything we can to help optimise the ways in which you can maintain and develop those relationships.

At CRM Cloud (CRMC), we provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and associated social media and marketing automation software and consultancy that enables you to build, manage and develop business critical relationships with your customers and prospects.

Our focus is providing unrivaled customer service by ensuring we cover all of the following processes in our CRM software installations:

  • Sales and Marketing Technology Software and Process Reviews
  • CRM Selection
  • System Design and Documentation
  • CRM Recovery and Audit
  • Project Management
  • Installation and Customisation
  • Integration (such as Email Marketing, Marketing Automation)
  • CRM Training
  • Technical Helpdesk Support 

Additional Services

  • Data Migration and Consultation
  • Email Marketing  software
  • Social Media for Sales Training
  • Marketing Automation software

Our Perspective

CRMC's approach is that your chosen CRM  and your CRM Consultancy is a long term investment and it is important that you know that your interests are being protected by your CRM consultants. 

Since 1998, CRMC have taken this long term perspective and for many clients, we have been their CRM provider for over 18 years.  We take the time to understand your business requirements not just for today, but over the next 3-7 years or longer. That's why for all our clients, we take the trouble to send an initial CRM Checklist before we discuss our approach and consider whether a CRM Discovery or Fact Finding meeting is relevant.


"For a number of years CRM Cloud has given us excellent support and service, both in our local implementation of GoldMine and more recently in an ambitious and challenging project to roll-out the use of GoldMine within our global organisation." - SWETS

We invite you to get in touch to discuss how we can help your business.

Call 0844 745 4588