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LinkedIn Training for Sales and Marketing Teams

CRM systems are continually evolving and one of the most recent developments has been the growth in what is now known as Social Selling.

Social selling is using Social Media to not only find clients and prospects, but more importantly to engage with these using key Social Media platforms. This can be a useful new source of leads and contacts as well as helping to avoid the gatekeeper.

LinkedIn Coaching

Combining this with your CRM system makes for a powerful combination and studies show that those companies using both CRM and Social Media selling techniques are outselling their competitors.

However, we have found in our own experience that most social media training focused purely on the “what is this” and “how to navigate to this” and doesn’t develop the skills needed on how, in a sales situation, it can be used to maximise your sales leads and opportunities.

Added to this, rich new functionality is now being built into most CRM systems to integrate with Social Media and we have found this to be an excellent additional benefit in helping encourage your Users to engage more with their CRM system as well!

Way back in 2013 we teamed up with a leading Social Media trainer and have now developed our own set of Workshops, focusing on LinkedIn, the No. 1 social media platform used by most people in business. LinkedIn now has over 460 million members worldwide and can perfectly complements your CRM activities.

CRMC have now run over 30 Workshops and have found that the in-company custom workshop is the most useful. As one company delegate recently remarked:-

“Having just been on Gary’s LinkedIn for Sales workshop, I’ve come away with a real sense of excitement and confidence that Social Media has such power in our business arena if used properly. Gary’s passion and knowledge of the LinkedIn potential to boost business is superb and his workshop is delivered with confidence and excellence. Highly Recommend!”

In addition, to some of our video testimonials on our Slideshare you can also download our popular ebook - "Integrating Social Media and CRM Eight Key Steps".

CRMC are now focused on running:-

Custom “LinkedIn for Results” In-Company Coaching Workshops. This workshop offers a combination of both our 3 hour Workshop focused on ensuring a company-wide view is maintained which can help to reinforce and boost the message giving excellent results. Your whole Sales and Marketing team will be motivated and can work together. These workshops also include embedded coaching follow-up sessions reinforcing what is learnt and putting this into practice quickly for immediate results and feedback together with making your CRM system match these new requirements effectively.

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