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CRM Scoping and Design

CRM Scoping & Design Services covering London, Birmingham & across the UK

Scoping Workshops

Initially, we will spend some time understanding how you work, what your objectives are for the CRM system, your users' experience and this is generally pulled together after any initial briefing into a Scoping Workshop to identify and detail your core areas of functional requirement.  

We then document this for formal review and sign off into a "Functional System Design"  or FSD document, which itself may go through a series of changes until finally approved. This is one of the keys to a successful CRM implementation with all questions regarding integration, reporting and data migration issues addressed within the document. This can be complex or simple depending on the nature of the implementation and your current and planned future requirements.

CRM team meeting

From this other considerations include:-

Data Migration and Import

Importing in clean and de-duped data can be a long and time consuming job, so clients need to ensure that they themselves are able to allocate time and consider their requirements since Data Migration from existing systems is mainly based on a time and effort basis.

CRMC have a series of templates and guidelines built up over many years to make this process as smooth as possible, together with a number of import software utilities enabling us to manage very complex migrations.

Project Management

For the more complex systems, great project management can be instrumental in ensuring that systems are delivered "on time, on budget" and with the End users' support and endorsement. Our 18 Years experience across multiple CRM/IT projects come to bear here. However, we believe that it is important that the client allocates their own suitable Project Management resource and this a key part of the Sponsors responsibility.

Agile Scoping and Development Workshops

For some our our smaller clients or those clients who already have deployed their CRM system, and want to move fast or typically who have already embarked on a Cloud CRM system trial we have Agile Development Workshops where after an initial discussion, we can begin to start on some of the development customisation during the workshop day with feedback directly to develop the first phase of the system, ensuring that any documentation is kept to a minimum.  This doesn't fit nor is it recommended for all clients, but does help to illustrate how we do strive to accommodate differing client requirements.

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