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Hubspot for Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing

Hubspot for Lead Generation and Nurturing

Hubspot for Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing

  • Hosted on a cloud location.

Hubspot is one the the leading Marketing Automation software suppliers worldwide and we have now teamed up with them to help our clients generate and nurture new leads as well as helping to educate and support on this exciting addition to our range.

So, why have we added this new software to our portfolio?

Well, it is because of the fundamental changes in Buyer Behaviour over the last few years. Something we witnessed and found ourselves is that increasingly, your buyers are making their short list decision before directly contacting the vendors. Gone are the days where Google produced a list of possible suppliers, based on their advertising spend and you received a phone call.  

Nowadays, Buyers are increasingly sophisticated and using the internet to search and find more out about their problems first and then they continue to research possible solutions before producing their own shortlist.  

With so much information around, Buyers typically now go through three stages:-

  1. Awareness of the problem or issue.
  2. Consideration of possible solutions with more detailed research.
  3. Advance Selection of possible suppliers.

This Buyers Journey, changes the way we have to market in the 21st Century for the digital Google age!

hubspot journey

Hubspot, the winner of many marketing automation awards, was selected by CRMC following a six month search and trial of a number of packages.  We have been incredibly pleased with the software and its effectiveness, plus the great support offered by the vendor.

Interested in finding out more about implementing Hubspot is the right Marketing Automation for your business, then why not come along to one of our "Sales and Marketing Technology Clinics"

Did we mention that Hubspot integrates with a whole host of CRM software including Maximizer, Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM.

Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing sits at the top of your sales funnel and providing better qualified, more "sales ready" leads direct to your CRM system is critical...this process can now be managed as a whole using Hubspot. 

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