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CRM Customisations & Development

CRM Consultants serving London, Birmingham and across the UK

Typically, and depending on the complexity of the project, we will either develop a Prototype or 'rough cut' for more complex systems often on a development environment which can then be progressively tested by core Users as the project evolves.

Why Customise your CRM System?

Customising a off-the-shelf CRM solution is extremely important in being able to match your methods of working, as well as ensuring your terminology is used and is consistent.  Whilst customisations take time and effort, CRMC strive in the early weeks of any new adoption to keep these customisations to a minimum, typically as a first phase roll-out.

Our experience has shown that after using a CRM system for a while, that a client's knowledge increases and their requirements can change, hence by keeping any customisations to the core requirements initially, this can save money for the client which can be allocated to subsequent phases. 

This needs to include the some consideration for:

CRM Integration

For many CRM projects, this needs to be considered carefully and can range from simple linking with third party software, such as E-Mail marketing tools to more complex integration projects with financial systems or the importing/exporting or viewing of external data within CRM.

UAT Service

On complex projects, the need to test various functional requirements with Users, involves what we call "User Acceptance Testing" and this can be useful to ensure the system meets your User expectations prior to roll-out and is fully tested in core areas. 

Major Projects need key Users to be assigned and given adequate time and resource for this testing to ensure that project milestones are met. This can be a difficult task to plan and resource internally.

CRMC are able to offer an outsourced cost effective UAT Testing Service for Clients where internal resource is at a premium and timescales are important for full User testing.

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