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CRM Project Management

CRM Project Management

With over 20 years’ experience of CRM applications and having worked with probably in excess of 20 different CRM systems over the years, we are able to offer a Project Management Service.

This can include any of or all of the services identified below:-

Selection and Vendor Qualification: Drawing up and understanding from initial Discovery meetings and possibly from Workshop with key users the client key requirements. This will then be measured against the market and our experience and contacts within the industry to short list potential applications

Vendor Negotiation: Working on the clients behalf to ensure that a mutually beneficial agreement is reached with the vendor.

Client Project Management: Where CRMC will deliver the service and application based upon the clients agreed and documented requirements. Effectively we act as the Client’s internal Project Manager using or skill sets and knowledge that have been acquired over many CRM projects and helping clients avoid some of the common and potentially costly pitfalls encountered with CRM projects including:-

• Budget Control

• Migration and Integration

• User Adoption

• Project Scope and ‘creep’

• Project Control and Vendor Management

Unlike many IT projects, User engagement is a critical component to the success of any CRM rollout and effective Project Management can increase that engagement whilst minimising other risks associated with CRM implementations

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