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CRM Consultancy Services

Our focus is providing unrivalled customer service by ensuring we cover all of the following processes in our CRM software installations.

Efficient  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Consultancy & Systems for Business. 

We provide a wide range of services to help you to define and design your CRM system.

To enable your CRM to reach its potential and ensure staff are fully aware of the system, the process broadly fits into these categories, based on 18 years CRM experience:

Initial Engagement Meeting

This will typically take place as an initial understanding meeting or webinar to ascertain if we are able to help you in your business requirements.

Scoping and Design Workshops

Initially we will spend time understanding how you work, what your objectives are for your CRM system, your Users' experience and this is generally brought together after any initial briefing into a Scoping Workshop.  This workshop will identify the core areas of functional requirement and then document this for formal review and sign-off into a Functional System Design (FSD) document, which may go through a series of changes until finally approved... Read more

Customisations and Development

Typically, and depending on the complexity of the project, we will either develop a prototype or rough cut for more complex system often on a development environment which can then be progressively tested by core users as the project progresses.... Read more

CRM Training Services

Training is at the heart of any successful implementation of any IT project where users are having to adjust or understand new processes and ways of working.

There are a number of considerations here to include the types of Users, be they Sales, Marketing, Customer Service or Management... Read more

Support Services

When you invest in a CRM system, you will be looking to establish a long lasting relationship with your vendor and in this area, CRMC have spent a lot of time over the years in developing our support and account mangement services... Read more