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What is Social CRM and does it matter?

The last few years have seen a massive increase in the use of Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn amongst others and this trend is now being embraced by CRM providers. Indeed, some new entrants are positioned as Social CRM only applications such as Nimble CRM.  Around four years ago, SAGE CRM and their developer community were one of the first to have focussed time and effort in developing solid fully functioning CRM integration for social media and this development has continued into SAGE CRM 7.2.

What is Social CRM?

Paul Greenberg, a CRM Guru of many years is often quoted, but for ourselves, a simpler explanation we use is that Social CRM “is the integration of CRM and Social Media applications and techniques to create relationships with customers and prospects using social media for marketing, customer service, research, networking and prospecting and using those social media channels relevant to your audience”.

Today, all mainstream CRM applications have fully embraced social media with links or views able to integrate Twitter feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook and other channels such as Yammer etc.

Why does it matter?

Social media for sales and marketing offers some great opportunities to develop ever closer relationships with your prospects and customers, in much the same way as when email marketing was integrated into CRM system around 7-10 years ago, but at a more personal, engaging level.

Recent research has shown that those Reps using Social Media and are on the whole better able to close sales and improve sales conversions and a great article from Jim Keenan published in demonstrates how sales people using social media for networking, prospecting and research were up to 72% better performers and exceeded sales targets or quota 23% more often.

In all the studies, LinkedIn was found to be the number one source for B2B sales performance improvement and the keystone for sales success. The reason most quoted for not using Social media was not understanding and lack of training in 75% of cases. This is where MAS are at the forefront of this new move to enhance CRM users and use Social CRM productively.

By Gary Perkins

How MAS can help?

MAS have formed a Strategic Alliance with BizLinks and are offering our own monthly CRM and LinkedIn Workshops in Worcester and London together with supporting Social Media and CRM Coaching Programmes for our own clients.

If you want to find out more on how you can help to maximise your CRM and Social media contact MAS on 01905 380920 and mention this blog...

10th July 2013