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Constant Contact - Email Marketing Provider

Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Email Marketing

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Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is our recommended supplier of Email Marketing software as they possess more than 15 years’ experience, over 650,000 customers and are recognised globally.

Constant Contact email marketing is the central feature of the product but it is not limited to this. It is supported by social media marketing, online surveys, event marketing and local deals tools. 

Key Features of Constant Contact

Over the years Constant Contact has evolved from an Email Marketing provider to a fully integrated Marketing Services tool. Key Features available include:

Editing and Creation – Constant Contact Newsletter provides you with a diverse range of Newsletter Design Templates, which are editable and customisable. Creating and managing the promotion for an Event (you can run up to 10 events concurrently). Access to an Image Library thousands of items available for use. The ability to create a Customer Survey to send out and a Promotional Coupon that can be used as part of an Email Marketing campaign or a Social Media campaign.

Contacts – Constant Contact provides a visual, easy to use Contact Management system, where you can easily import and store your email contacts, ready for whenever you need them.

Sending – Unlike some other providers Constant Contact has a 98% delivery rate, meaning your email will be making it into peoples’ inboxes not their spam.

Tracking and Reporting – A real time system that tracks and reports your activities. Monitoring your opens (both mobile and desktop), bounces and clicks to allow you to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Social Media Sharing – from automatically posting your emails to creating Facebook promotions, with Constant Contact you can easily share your message on your social networks with their social media marketing tools.

Integrations - Maximise your account by syncing with a range of CRM Systems and other applications to create your own eco-system. Available options include: GoldMine, Pipeliner CRM, Hootsuite, Outlook and Facebook. For the comprehensive list visit the Constant Contact Marketplace.

Autoresponder – Is an Email Marketing Automation solution used as a form of targeted messaging system that can help to develop your relationships. You can also synch with Birthday and Anniversaries to create bespoke messages to engage you target audience.

Online Customer Survey’s – Constant Contact provide you with a platform where you can create fully customisable Online Customer Survey’s – where you can customised the questions, add your logo, share them via the Social Media Sharing tool and track the real time results within your Constant Contact account.

Finding the Best Package for your Business

There are two main ways CRMC offers Constant Contact, it can be used as either:-

  1. Stand-alone Product
  2. Integration with existing CRM

Find Out More about Constant Contact Prices